San Francisco International Art Fair, San Francisco CA, Fort Mason | May 2015


your home, your neighborhood, your town,

When was the last time your phone was not within reach? How many tasks does “Alexa” do for you? How often do you Google? As we go about our day relying on smart devices to do a lot of thinking for us, all that data we generate is stored and shared. Corporations know where we are, what we like to eat, what we like to buy, who we are talking to—we are allowing this. Is our privacy a fair price for the convenience of the smart device?

I harvest the circuit boards from smart phones and personal computers, ink them and run them through the etching press transferring them onto paper. I scan those etchings into the computer and manipulate the size of the images. These images are then collaged using a laser print-transfers method. The resulting prints suggest aerial photographs of places we usually think of as private. Our town, our neighborhood, our homes: are they places where we go about our private lives or is nothing we do private?