clothes encounters

Ruth’s Table, San Francisco, CA | June 2017

Utilizing textiles as a metaphor for a colonized society, I explore themes of diaspora, hegemony, gender roles, domesticity, labor, value and their effects on our psyche. I uses the capacity of multiplicity inherent in printmaking and mold making to further discuss mass production of goods and their global impact.

Even before we wear them, clothes already have a history. More often than not it’s a female history—sisters, daughters, mothers—women have spent countless hours performing the same task over and over again to create this garment that will then be shipped across the world to be purchased and worn by other women. For me, the garment industry has become a place to explore globalization, female labor and feminism. My intention is to bring the clothing’s history and geography to the surface. I do this by utilizing patterns and symbols from the countries and regions of the world where this object was produced.