• Connie Goldman, Compass XII 2019, Oil on Panel, 12 x12 2.5

  • Brian Caraway, the Ricochet, 2019, Acrylic on Canvas, 51.5 x 46

  • Mikey Kelly Dreams, Acrylic on Linen, 30 x 40

  • Antonio Cortez, Itten’s Nike Shoes, Six Archival Prints on Hahnemuhle Paper, 20 x 20

  • TiCraig Dorety, Offset Circles - Sunset 2019, Aluminum, Bamboo, Custom Electronics, Digital Imagery. 15" round x 3"

  • Naomie Kremer, Trinity Wheel, 2019, Video on LED Fan, 28 x 4

  • Is Truth based on Fact or Perception? This is the question Albers asks us to explore through interactions between colors. By engaging Color in context, not in isolation, Joseph Albers brought philosophy to the visual realm. We then can’t help but project the importance of perception and relationships, beyond Color, into all aspects of life.

  • Color is so complex, language is inadequate to explain it. Inspiration, attraction, caution, Color communicates this and more. Not only with us as viewers but also with its environment. Color is a chameleon, it can change by reacting and interacting with its surroundings. Blending in, showing off, vibrating, quieting down.

  • La Carreta Tica is the wheel of a traditional ox pulled cart used in the transportation of coffee in Costa Rica. Coffee growers paint their carretas to flaunt and celebrate their wealth. The more colorful the more successful. La Carreta Tica is meant to maximize Color’s ability to stand out, show off and demand attention. By placing complementary colors in direct contact with each other Color speaks loudly, vibrates strongly. By manipulating the opacity of a color foreground and background create the illusion of being interchangeable. Even when the wheel is not physically in motion Color is making it move.

  • I modernize the carreta tica by incorporating luxury item logos into the patterns and utilize complementary colors in direct contact with one another to maximize their vibrance. I modify the colors to manipulate their effect on one another. I play with color to play with viewers perception of background and foreground.

homage to the wheel of color

Exhibition Dates: November 7, 2019- January 24, 2020 | Opening: November 7, 6-8pm | Curator: Hanna Regev

Ruth’s Table presented Homage to the Wheel of Color exhibition, second in a series of four that celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus.

In Homage to the Wheel of Color, fourteen Bay Area artists continue the legacy of Bauhaus by delving into studies and experimentation with color theories, helping us gain new insights and appreciation of the complex phenomenon of color.

Drawing on the theories of the greatest color thinkers, the exhibition examines color’s relationship with shape, material, light, and sound, highlighting its importance in enhancing, altering and guiding the viewer’s experience.

From intricate chromatic paintings that tangle the illusion of two-dimensional space to light sculptures that use color as an encoding, manipulating large data sets to create eye-popping optical effects, the exhibition showcases a spectrum of effort to use color as a tool to play with perception and illusion.

Exhibiting Artists:

Alex Benedict
Brian Caraway
Irene Carvajal
Antonio Cortez
Ulla de Larios
Craig Dorety
Connie Goldman
Howard Hersh
Mikey Kelly
Naomie Kremer
Jon Kuzmich
Jason Marsh
Neil Murphy
Mel Prest